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Let's do something hypno-cool! This is an interesting hypnotic experiment that you can do at home and it's really fun.

Get a length of string or cord about 7 inches long and tie a small weight (a metal nut or a washer) to it. Now sit at a table and rest your elbow on the table, while dangling the weighted string just above the surface of the table (so the weight can swing freely).

Now get ready for something amazing. Let the string settle so it's not moving. Now concentrate on the weight swinging from side to side. Without moving your hand you will see the weight start to move. If it's not, say out loud, "Swing side to side." You should see some movement from side to side.

Now concentrate on making the weight swing forward and backwards without moving your hand. You should see the weight slow down and start to change direction. Cool, huh?

Okay, first off, this is not anything occult or magic. It's science. It's called ideomotor response, and it's caused by your unconscious mind making tiny imperceptible movements in your hand, causing the pendulum to swing. But it's a cool demonstration of the power of the unconscious mind.

Hypnotists use ideomotor response (in a slightly different form) to communicate directly with your subconscious while you are hypnotized. Now with your pendulum, you can communicate with it, too!

Try drawing a large plus sign on a sheet of paper. Hold your pendulum over it and say, "Show me the direction for yes." You should see motion in one of the directions, so you can put "yes" on that axis.

Then say "show me the direction for no" and you should get motion in the other direction (occasionally the pendulum may move in a diagonal motion, so just draw a new line if that happens). Now you can ask your subconscious questions with the pendulum.

Obviously the questions have to be "yes or no" questions. Also remember that this is not fortune-telling. Your unconscious mind cannot predict the future, so a question like "Will I win the lottery" will not yield a useful answer.

I can show you how to use the pendulum as a useful diagnostic tool when you book a session.