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Dan Perez is available for hilarious comedy stage hypnosis shows of any size, as well as private parties of any type. He is also available for hypnosis demonstrations and consulting for businesses (he can teach your employees simple, effective techniques to reduce stress and fatigue and make them more productive).

Dan is a dedicated professional and consults with leading experts in the field of stage hypnosis regularly. Dan is eager to meet the needs of each individual client, and has developed a reputation for being easy to work with. He is constantly striving to improve his show and deliver the best possible performances for his clients and their audiences.

The Dan Perez Comedy Hypnosis Experience is usually one hour long, but can be made shorter or longer (up to 75 minutes) as needed. During the show, Dan does some fun audience participation material, then asks for volunteers, hypnotizes them and then engages them in humorous skits to entertain the audience. DanI always emphasizes that his volunteers are the real stars of the show and make sure they leave the stage feeling great. Dan says that his volunteers always have the best seats in the house!

Humorous skits in The Dan Perez Comedy Hypnosis Experience include convincing a volunteer that an ordinary balloon weighs 10,000 pounds, or that the volunteers' shoes have transformed into adorable puppies that need love and attention.

Dan's show is 100% family friendly - it's great for kids and adults as well as more conservative corporate clients. Everyone loves this show.

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