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The Dan Perez
Comedy Hypnosis Experience will raise money for your organization at NO COST to you!

Imagine throwing an exciting, hilariously funny fundraiser event at no out-of-pocket cost to you! With The Dan Perez Comedy Hypnosis Experience, you get all the promotional materials you need to make the night a rousing success! On show night, your audience will be entertained with a quality, laugh-filled show and feel great about helping your organization raise money.

Your volunteers, friends and family will be the "Stars of the Show" as you enjoy a great night of entertainment. Local media love fundraisers so you can raise awareness there and sell even more tickets.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to help raise even more money for your organization and in return create memories that every audience member and volunteer will cherish for the rest of their lives!

How does it work? Dan offers two choices for maximum flexibility.

BUYOUT OPTION: This gives you maximum control over profits. After Dan's special fund-raiser fee is paid, you keep all the profits from ticket sales, as well as all profits from food and drinks sold at the event.

FEE-SPLITTING OPTION: In this arrangement you and Dan split the profits on a graduating scale. There are no up-front or hidden costs. The more tickets you sell, the more your organization makes. In this arrangement you also still keep all profits from food and drinks. This is a great option for organizations on a limited budget.

Once the show is booked, Dan will send you an easy-to-implement, comprehensive guide to ensure the show will be a rousing success. He will also include all the promotional materials you will need to successfully publicize the show in your community.

Dan's show is 100% family-friendly, features audience participation and is hugely
fun for all ages.

Testimonials about Dan's stage hypnosis show.

Dan looks forward to serving you and making this one of the best fund-raiser you could possibly have. Get FREE details today.

The Dan Perez Comedy Hypnosis Experience Click "Contact Dan" at upper left
or call toll-free 800-481-5949.

Dan Perez is a master hypnotist who has more than 13 years of experience. His hilarious stage show will have your audiences laughing and applauding and it will be the talk of your oganization for weeks afterward.

Scenes from a recent show:

To find out how your organization can throw a terrific fundraiser for FREE, call Dan today at 800-481-5949. Thanks!